The Lamarr Williamson School of Photography

Continuing Education for Professional Photographers

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About The Lamarr Williamson School of Photography

  • The Lamarr School, a official PPA Affiliate School, provides hands-on education opportunities in small class settings.  Most classes have a maximum 15 attendees.  Classes are located in South Carolina.
  • The Lamarr School classes are focused on the interests of seasoned professional photographers and those photographers aspiring to be professionals.
  • Classes include the craft, art and business of photography.
  • The traditional 4-5 day Lamarr School classes are in-depth and hands-on.  We will offer 3 classes in September 2017.  Nationally recognized speakers are utilized during these 4-5 day classes.


  • The Lamarr School offers you the opportunity to further your photography skills, improve your business and establish connections with other photographers and industry leaders.
  • The benefits go beyond hands-on education!  You’ll discover ways to grow your business.
  • You’ll get inspired to try new creative ideas, explore new lighting, be more efficient and creative with post processing and change the way you work and interact with clients.
  • Limited class size guarantees great opportunities to interact with speakers and attendees, build friendships and relationships.
  • The energy at these events makes them fun.  There is plenty of time to socialize and build relationships.
  • The highly qualified speakers offer detailed and accurate information and answers.
  • Investing in The Lamarr School classes is an investment in you, your business and your life.
  • Earn Merits toward PPA degrees.
  • Earn Continuing Education merits that are required to maintain your Certified Professional Photographer designation.
  • Don’t get left behind in this ever-evolving profession.