Joe Glyda

Commercial photography is one of the most diverse forms of imaging today and so many photographers are thirsty for knowledge in this specific area.

Since there are so many subjects to choose from, teaching this type of photography needs to be scaled down to a few ideas and subjects to go over within a weeks timetable. Learning the difference between photographing commercial work and portrait work will expand your photographic experience, an bring a confidence to all of your assignments.

This class will focus on commercial advertising product photography, reflective surfaces such as glass, chrome and stainless steel, then explore interior and exterior architecture and finish with table top food photography. There will be hands on experience both with capturing and retouching images. We’ll discuss working with clients such as art directors and account reps, and what it’s like working with and without a layout.

Joe Glyda has been a commercial photographer since 1977. He worked at Kraft foods for 36 years and started his own company, JGP INC in 1988. He currently works in Jenks, OK photographing multiple commercial products from bath accessories, to food, and from refinery instruments to poop spray! I did say it is a diverse kind of business. Joe’s teaching style blends many years of his commercial experience with humor and encourages all skill levels of photography. Come and be inspired!

Commercial Photography

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