Marcelle Raphael

Marcelle Raphael is an award winning professional photographer with a studio in downtown Columbia, South Carolina. She specializes in newborn and maternity portraiture.  She is a frequent speaker with PPA and PPA affiliates and travels the country teaching newborn and maternity workshops.

The creation of a newborn and maternity images is not just about photography. It is an emotional journey you will share with your clients as their new little families are created and grow. Get involved in a hands-on experience specifically designed for beginners and blooming amateurs to learn the skills required to immediately improve the skills of newborn and maternity imagery.

As an educator, she is also active in continuing education for professional photographers through PPA and has developed her own course for beginning newborn photographers called “The Newborn Intensive Course” which focuses on all aspects of running a newborn photography business, not just the photography side. She also offers instruction across the US and online support and training for students around the world.

Course Elements: Safety, Equipment, Posing, Wrapping, Clothing, Lighting, White Balance, Angles, Creating Sets, Workflow, Tips and Tricks and preparing your yourself mentally for a successful session. This course focuses on what actually happens in the studio during a newborn and maternity session. You will learn the how, what, when and where’s of the actual creation process.

The Maternity and Newborn Intensive

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