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Tony Corbell

Course Description

This class is designed for photographers ready for the next step.  You already know the 4 basic light patterns and broad vs short.  This class is for pros that know there is more, who are willing to try something new, who are ready to stretch, who are not afraid of being stuck in a box any longer.  You will get real world assignments along with deadlines.  We will not give you perfect models in perfect studio setups with perfect light.  But, we will expect great results! We will examine the world’s top photographers as we discuss mixed lighting, using unique lighting tools for primary and secondary sources and work to replicate the results.  You will learn to think like a photographer.  And in case you were wondering, this will not be an easy class!  You will be challenged.  Sound interesting?  Come on along…

  • How to think on your feet in ANY given photographic lighting situation.
  • How to work fast and efficient in order to accomplish the job and thrill the client.
  • How to find satisfaction for a job not only well done, but exceptionally well done.

About The Artist

Tony has been a photographer, an educator, and an author. His photographic works have been featured in publications throughout the world. While he has worked for some of the most discerning clients in the world, he is most proud of being acknowledged and included in more than twenty-five photographic books by other photographers. Tony has photographed three U.S. presidents, The Millennium Summit Meeting of World Leaders at the United Nations, sports celebrities, almost 800 brides and grooms, and a handful of NASA astronauts. He is currently featured on www.teambowens.com and www.ppa.com/edu as well as www.kelbyone.com and www.creativelive.com alongside the world’s leading photographers, instructors and authors. He is also a featured artist at www.epson.com in a segment called In Celebration of the Black and White Print.

Teaching almost exclusively about photographic lighting and imaging workflow, Tony passed a major milestone having taught more than 600 seminars and workshops. He has spoken in 48 U.S. states and numerous countries throughout the world including London, Glasgow, Dublin, Toronto, Vancouver, Mexico City, Australia, Italy, New Zealand, Dubai, Trinidad/Tobago, Germany, Sweden, and Nova Scotia. His Basic Studio Lighting book from publisher Random House (AmPhoto) has been popular worldwide and is the basis for numerous photographic college lighting courses. Tony has written more than 150 articles in almost every major photographic magazine in the U.S., Japan, the U.K., and China. When asked what he is most known for, he says “being just about the biggest Beatles fan in the world.”

Awards and Recognition

  • 1986 Texas Photographic Fellowship Degree
  • 1988 ITVA Educational Photographic Video Director or the Year
  • 1994 PPA Photographic Craftsman Degree
  • 1995 WPPI Master of Photographic Excellence
  • 1996 Brooks Institute Honorary Master of Science
  • 1998 WPPI “Lifetime Achievement Award”
  • 1999 PPA Approved Photographic Instructor
  • 2005 United Nations’ Int’l Photo Council, “Leadership Award”
  • 2006 PPA “National Award” given by PP of California
  • 2006 SWPPA Fellow – London, England, UK
  • 2007 San Diego Commercial Photographer of the Year
  • 2007 Exclusive Member, The Camera Craftsmen of America
  • 2008 San Diego Picture of the Year
  • 2009 San Diego Picture of the Year
  • 2011 National ASP Associate Fellowship, Educational Award
  • 2014 PPA’s Gerhardt Bakker Award, Photographic Educator of the Year
  • 2017 Profoto Master of Light

Tony Corbell's Class

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Gabriel Alonzo
Course Description
Come join us for a week of learning and inspiration with one of the nation’s leading portrait
artists. Classical portraiture never goes out of style and provides your clients with a true
heirloom that will be cherished for generations. Gabriel will share his experiences with portrait
lighting, particularly for studio and environmental applications, plus personal techniques for
photographing children, his personal favorite. He will also immerse into the importance of Art
history, compositional concepts and business strategies as they apply to Professional Portraiture.
About the Artist 
Offering a vast breadth of experience and photographic skill,
Gabriel Alonzo is one of today’s premier portrait artists. His talent and experience combined
with his immense insight, exceptional artistic composition and heightened sensitivity
to the client’s desires allow him to capture the essence and timeless expression of beautiful
moments in images his clients will cherish for generations. His exceptional work has been
selected for the Masters Loan Collection of the Professional Photographers of America and
has been exhibited at the Eastman Kodak pavilion of Disney’s Epcot Center. But more
importantly, his images grace the walls of satisfied clients throughout the world.

Website: www.gabrielportraiture.com 

Gabriel Alonzo's Class

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Randy Braun
Stacy Garlington

Course Description
This is the first 4 day comprehensive drone photography class of its kind! Learn how to
successfully add and/or grow a drone photography business! Learn how to broaden your client
base, expand your line of services, generate extra income and learn the many uses of drone
photography. This is also a prep class for the PPA Drone Photography Certification Exam.
Randy Braun (former DJI Director of Product Experience) and Stacy Garling
ton (former DJI ProductExperience Specialist) formed DJI Photo Academy in 2016 to provide
excellent drone photography education.
Here are some key benefits from this class, Developing and Marketing
a Drone Photography Business, Equipment Options, Safety & Etiquette and Flying Your Drone
Developing and Enhancing Skills. This class is also great for Drone Video, but doesn’t include video processing.
How is this course organized?
Section 1 – Introduction to Drones
Section 2 – Hands-on Flying Lesson #1
Section 3 – Flying Cameras Are Entering Your World: Are You Ready?
Section 4 – Setting-Up Using Your Aerial Camera
Section 5 – Hands-on Flying Lesson #2
Section 6 – FAA Commercial Drone License Tips & PPA Certification Drone Photography Tips
Section 7 – Processing Techniques for Aerial Photographs
The FAA and CPP Exams are not included with this class.
They should be applied for and
scheduled separately by the applicants.




Randy Braun Bio 2017

Randy Jay Braun has been a professional photographer for thirty years on the island of Maui. For most of those years Braun also owned and operated Hawaii’s most successful photography retail art gallery.

In 2012, the DJI Phantom 1 quadcopter came onto the market and Randy was one of the original photographers in the world to adapt to this new genre of aerial image capture. He began testing consumer drones and cameras for DJI and struck up a full-time working relationship. Braun published the first-ever book about the topic, entitled, Aerial Drone Photography.

Randy Braun began working for DJI in 2014, where he served as Director of Product Experience, teaching people around the world about the practical uses of small consumer and commercial drones. Of particular importance, Braun also leads the “Aerial Still Photography Development Team” for DJI, acting as liaison between the professional imaging community and drone engineers.

Stacy Garlington Bio 2017

Inspiration came during a close encounter with a humpback whale in a kayak near Maui; an experience that forever changed her life. Since then Stacy Garlington spends much of her time studying the art of photography and creating images using small aerial drones.

Stacy noted the tremendous potential of aerial photography during the early stages of the budding small drone industry. She began to create impactful images using basic camera skills.

Her work is now published in both Forbes and TIME magazines — examples of the new perspective achievable using this technology.

“I never had a formal education, so how did I end up with an office in both Silicon Valley and Shenzhen China? I had a dream and I made a choice to pursue what made me happy.”

Stacy now works full time as Product Experience Specialist at DJI, the world’s leading developer of consumer and commercial drones. She continues to teach thousands of people worldwide how to experience the freedom of flight while operating their cameras in the sky.

Randy & Stacy's Class

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