2018 Course Schedule

Elizabeth Homan

Elizabeth Homan,  M.Photog, Cr, API, CPP, will help you take your business from Good to AMAZING!  She and her husband have been through it all from failures to today’s hugely successful studio during the past 25 years.  Their experiences will help you take your photography business to the next level.

Be prepared for a ton of inspiration, ideas and laughs.  This class includes Environmental Lighting, Studio Lighting, Destination Portraits, Posing Individuals and Families, Creating Successful Portrait “Events”, Working with Children, Composing for the Wall Portrait, Selling Wall Portraits and Albums, Pricing for Profit, Branding Yourself, Marketing for Year-round Success, Increasing your Sales Averages and more.

Elizabeth has won countless awards for her portraiture, including her wedding and portrait albums.  She was selected as a PPA ELITE member for the past 5 years, which is given to only 1% of PPA members selected out of 27,000 for photographic excellence! She also received the Imaging Excellence Award at IUSA in 2015 for receiving 13 Loan Collection Images. Elizabeth has been selected as PPA’s Silver or Gold or Platinum Photographer of the year for the past three years. Elizabeth has just recently been inducted in The Camera Craftsmen of America.

Elizabeth Homan's Class

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Ted Linczak

Ted Linczak, M.Photog.  In 2016, Ted was awarded the Overall Grand Imaging Award by the PPA.

In an image saturated culture that is increasingly satisfied with “good enough” imagery, how does the professional photographer stay relevant? This 4 day program will examine the fundamentals all professional image makers need to know to stay noticed and prosperous in 2018 and beyond. In order to stand above the crowd in our Instagram-obsessed society, being able to create striking and dynamic imagery consistently is an absolute must. Join PPA Master Photographer Ted Linczak as he breaks down the key building blocks of lighting, posing, and composition, and how they relate to both the wedding and portrait photography world. From shooting indoors with natural light, to mastering off camera flash with small speedlights and large strobes, this course will reintroduce the importance of “mastery of the craft” as a necessity to continued personal and business growth.  Ted will examine the relationship between client communication and successful session outcomes, and outline the benefits of in person sales over online sales methods. Whether your focus is weddings or portraits, this course will give you a brand-new perspective on the art of photographing PEOPLE, selling your art, and maintaining an successful business in an ever-changing market.

Ted Linczak's Class

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Marcelle Raphael

Marcelle Raphael is an award winning professional photographer with a studio in downtown Columbia, South Carolina. She specializes in newborn and maternity portraiture.  She is a frequent speaker with PPA and PPA affiliates and travels the country teaching newborn and maternity workshops.

The creation of a newborn and maternity images is not just about photography. It is an emotional journey you will share with your clients as their new little families are created and grow. Get involved in a hands-on experience specifically designed for beginners and blooming amateurs to learn the skills required to immediately improve the skills of newborn and maternity imagery.

As an educator, she is also active in continuing education for professional photographers through PPA and has developed her own course for beginning newborn photographers called “The Newborn Intensive Course” which focuses on all aspects of running a newborn photography business, not just the photography side. She also offers instruction across the US and online support and training for students around the world.

Course Elements: Safety, Equipment, Posing, Wrapping, Clothing, Lighting, White Balance, Angles, Creating Sets, Workflow, Tips and Tricks and preparing your yourself mentally for a successful session. This course focuses on what actually happens in the studio during a newborn and maternity session. You will learn the how, what, when and where’s of the actual creation process.

Marcelle Raphael's Class

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Joe Glyda

Commercial photography is one of the most diverse forms of imaging today and so many photographers are thirsty for knowledge in this specific area.

Since there are so many subjects to choose from, teaching this type of photography needs to be scaled down to a few ideas and subjects to go over within a weeks timetable. Learning the difference between photographing commercial work and portrait work will expand your photographic experience, an bring a confidence to all of your assignments.

This class will focus on commercial advertising product photography, reflective surfaces such as glass, chrome and stainless steel, then explore interior and exterior architecture and finish with table top food photography. There will be hands on experience both with capturing and retouching images. We’ll discuss working with clients such as art directors and account reps, and what it’s like working with and without a layout.

Joe Glyda has been a commercial photographer since 1977. He worked at Kraft foods for 36 years and started his own company, JGP INC in 1988. He currently works in Jenks, OK photographing multiple commercial products from bath accessories, to food, and from refinery instruments to poop spray! I did say it is a diverse kind of business. Joe’s teaching style blends many years of his commercial experience with humor and encourages all skill levels of photography. Come and be inspired!