How many instructors can I sign up for?

One. Each class runs the entire week.

Can I switch classes once I’m registered?

You may switch classes before school starts provided the other class has room. Once classes begin, you may NOT switch classes.

What equipment do I need to bring to class?

Check with your instructor to see what specific equipment you need to bring. Some classes require just a notepad, while others require a full computer setup and camera gear.

Can my spouse/significant other come to class or evening events with me?

He or she may attend the evening or social events at their own cost. They cannot attend your class without registering as a student as well.

What is included in tuition?

Your tuition covers the entire week of top-notch education, three lunches and three dinners, evening events, plus an experience that will last a lifetime!  In addition each attendee gets a commemorative photos and special deals on equipment.

What is the cancellation policy?

For 4-Day classes:  There are no refunds or credits if you cancel 30 days or less before the class.  Full cash refunds are available up to 4 months before the class.  Partial refunds or 100% credit towards a NEXT year class are available up to 30 days before class.  If you want to discuss a cancellation, please contact John Herrel, Director of the Lamarr School 803.420.3660.

Where can I find out information about finding a roommate?

You can do several things if you are looking for a roommate to share expenses. You can make a post on our Facebook page, or you can call Marcelle Raphael, Assistant Director at 803.530.9767 and we will put your name on a list.

Do I have to stay at the host hotel?

No, you do not. However, staying at the host hotel is your BEST option for the school and groups rates do apply. We also have negotiated a very attractive room rate for students.

Why are some portions of class held “off campus”?

This is to provide appropriate shooting space relevant to the course.

Are there shuttles from other hotels to the host hotel?

You will need to ask the hotel where you booked. It is recommended that you stay at the host hotel where there is easy accessibility. The host hotels are a quick one or two block walk to the convention center.

Do I have to attend the evening events?

You DO have to attend registration and orientation on Sunday evening.  You do not have to attend other evening events, but you will miss out on a LOT if you stay in your hotel room the whole time! Come on down and enjoy getting to know your classmates and everyone else! Learning and networking isn’t just in the classroom! Plus, the evening events are incredibly fun and relaxing! And don’t forget, they are also FREE!!

Where can I get more information about what happens during the week?

There is a schedule posted on the website at www.lamarrschool.com